Weddings and Baptisms

Are you thinking of marrying, or of baptising your child, at Holy Trinity? If so, you will find some useful information here and a link by which you can make contact with us. We look forward to welcoming you and creating an unforgettable day full of special memories.


We are excited for your marriage and look forward to your wedding at Holy Trinity. In order for us to book your wedding at Holy Trinity, you need fulfil at least one of the following:

  • be resident in our parish

  • on our parish electoral roll

  • have some special connection with the parish


For more details on what to expect from a church wedding, please go to

Also, please refer to the Church of England website on Weddings for further details

To enquire about weddings, please click here


Something extraordinary has happened, you have a new child. We will help you give thanks for your child and welcome them into God's family, the church. 

Please refer to the Church of England website on Baptisms for further details, and to watch/listen to interviews of recent Baptisms:

To enquire about baptisms, please click here


A Church of England funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it's needed. When someone dies, there is so much to think about and so much to organise. We understand how difficult this can be, but we can help you say your final goodbye in a way that really helps. If you would like to arrange a funeral for a loved one, then please contact us here.

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